Find Your Place In Digital Marketing


Finding your Place in Digital Marketing

If you are considering getting into the field of digital marketing or contemplating taking a digital marketing class, then you’re probably wondering what your future career options will be. You are not alone. 

The digital marketing industry is growing faster than the positions can be filled so the options seem virtually endless. Knowing your options is important and can often seem overwhelming. When deciding out of the hundreds of options there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the salary that comes with entry-level education and the number of open positions in your area. 

So let us help by giving you a few suggestions:

            A social media manager is someone who is responsible for overseeing one or more social media accounts for a brand or agency. Their duties include creating social media posts, managing editorial calendars, and working with others to promote a brand, among many other tasks. According to Indeed, the average salary for a Social Media Manager in the U.S. is $26 an hour. Indeed also shows there are around 190 job openings related to social media management in our home base of Kansas City, M.O. alone! Numbers like that indicate that this is a highly in-demand job.

Why should you pursue a career as a Social Media Manager? 

  • If you have good communication 
  • If you like writing 
  • If you’re creative 
  • If you’re organized 
  • If you pay attention to detail 

What about a digital marketer? A digital marketer is someone who works in digital advertising and online communications. They use tactics like social media, website, and landing page design, as well as content marketing. Essentially, the Digital Marketer wears many hats. That’s why they average about $21 an hour in the U.S. according to Indeed. There are also approximately 30,000 related open positions in the U.S. These positions include Facebook Meta which offers $36 per hour, and DISYS which offers $54 per hour for their digital marketers. One thing we know here at YES is that with a position as a digital marketing associate, there is a ample room for growth and promotional opportunities. 

Why should you pursue a career as a Digital Marketer?

  • If you’re adaptable and agile
  • If you are good at problem-solving
  • If you’re persistent 
  • If you have strong leadership skills
  • If you have a curiosity and a love of learning

So, maybe you don’t want to build a website on your own but you’re interested in helping companies to optimize their websites for search engines. You could pursue a path as an SEO Strategist. In this role, you will analyze content and recommend changes that will help websites to rank higher on search engine result pages such as Google and Bing. In the United States, you can do this professionally for about $25 an hour. Wayfair, CharterUp, ProNexis, and FortuneBuilders Inc. all use an SEO Strategist to optimize their content and are currently hiring for that position, according to Indeed.

Why should you pursue a career as an SEO Strategist?

  • If you’re a critical thinker
  • If you have technical and programming skills
  • If you’re adaptable and flexible
  • If you have a passion for research
  • If you have social skills

In the YES Digital Marketing and Analytics class, you will gain the knowledge and experience to become a Junior Data Analyst. In this professional position, you will collect and organize data, using it to draw meaningful insights. As a Junior Data Analyst, you would be responsible for digesting this data and creating a report to explain your findings. According to Indeed, the average salary in the U.S. is $25-$30 an hour. It also shows there are roughly 30,000 open Data Analyst positions and 130,000 open analyst-related positions just in the U.S.

Why should you pursue a career as a Junior Data Analyst?

  • If you have strong communication skills
  • If you catch on to new concepts quickly
  • If you have a love for graphs and data visualization
  • If you’re passionate about research

Whether you want to be an SEO strategist, a digital marketing associate, a social media manager, or more, we want to help you find your place in the digital marketing industry. Whatever you decide, YES can help get you there! Sign up for our info session to learn more about what Digital marketing and Analytics can do for you. “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing!”