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We are focused on creating enjoyable content experiences for higher education, nonprofit and government organizations across the country.

It is this singular focus that will allow us to bring slower moving organizations into the age of data insights, content marketing, digital development and storytelling.

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Everything we do is evidence-based with long and short-term goals in mind.


Strong relationships with our brand partners is a focus of ours. We provide long-term marketing support and services to keep your brand on top.




Look good. Feel good. Make sure your marketing and brand is always putting its best foot forward.


Technology should work for you. Websites, apps, email, etc should always be driving business your way.

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makes a difference

We believe that better than being great at what you do, is loving what you do and the people you do it with. In that lies the essence of why we created Yoodle.

This is more than a company or place to go to work. It’s our opportunity to control our own circumstances, enjoy this life we’ve been given and help others along the way. This is the passion we infuse into our work every day.



The Netherland

A mid-town, Kansas City destination that attracts the down-to-earth Westport/City Central crowd while being alluring to the upscale Country Club Plaza persona. Check out the makings of the award-winning brand for this historic Gem of Midtown.

brands that trust yoodle

Overall, I found the experience to be very pleasant. The yoodle team brings a lot of creativity – and helped freshen up the KC Rising brand. The Account Director was good about keeping the project moving forward in an organized fashion and adjusting as needed when our many voices offered a change in direction. We thank yoodle for their flexibility and partnership in this effort and I look forward to working with them again.

— Sheri Gonzales Executive Director of KC Rising

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“I was very appreciative of the speed yoodle delivered on; they were committed to a very tight turnaround and then hit all the deadlines. The only delays were at our end! The site looks terrific and we’ve had lots of positive feedback about it so far, and the documentation provided to our team has made updates pretty straightforward as well. Responsiveness is very important, and yoodle were terrific about that as well (which is all the more appreciated since we were running into a holiday season). I would happily recommend yoodle to companies and organizations looking to build feature-rich, engaging websites!

— Together KC

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“Shout out to the designer for her creativity. We’ve gotten glowing reviews of the website design. Shout out to the account manager as she was a savior to me and the training document she created was organized and is an amazing tool I use regularly. Yoodle kept us focused and organized and were patient with our team as we moved forward. We have a product that we’re really happy with and enjoyed working with all the people on the yoodle team.”

— Mary McCann Executive Director of KC Global Design

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“I think yoodle’s support has been awesome & in the end we have a beautiful restaurant that I feel is positioned well.”

— Larry Kime Owner of Cliff’s Taphouse

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