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If you are probably wondering whether everybody you know has a smartphone these days, the answer is, "Yes, they do." and they are looking for your business on their mobile device. The are expecting to interact with your business just like how they are currently experiencing on their desktop or their laptop. We employ variety of techniques to make your web presense mobile enabled. Depending on your needs, we can create custom app on IOS, Android or Window 8 or we can create single deployment pack using responsive design to target desktop, tablets and smartphones.
University of Saint Mary
University of Saint Mary
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The University of Saint Mary (USM) is a four-year Catholic liberal arts university founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1923. With USM’s focus on health programs, the website needed an entire new design that complemented their healthcare niche and branding. The website needed to be developed on a robust content management system with a built-in approval workflow engine that allowed distributed authoring. USM needed a reliable hosting provider who could guarantee at least 99.9% uptime as well as a good service level agreement apart from disciplined backup procedure.


  • For the seb CMS solution, Yoodle selected Kentico CMS, a flexible, powerful, cost effective, all-in-one .NET solution.

  • Development of control-based modules to relate content through clever use of metadata and taxonomy.

  • USM had a huge library of professionally shot photography. They wanted a platform to exploit this collection.

  • Customization of RSS feeds and lists based on specific taxonomy/classification.



  • Kentico CMS provided an easy to use the WYSIWYG content editing interface that allowed the marketing team at USM to quickly migrate content from the old site over to the new.

  • Kentico CMS allows the subject matter experts to edit content and preview it before publishing it, as well as giving the content administrators in the marketing department the power to approve content before its get published.

  • The ease with which Kentico CMS allows uploading and resizing of images has resulted in the site being very colorful and appealing to the website visitor.

  • The end result is a very attractive and robust website that not only better reflects USM's personalized approach and healthcare program focus, but they do not have to rely on a technical team to update content anymore.



Kentico CMS,C# and ASP.NET, XML, MS SQL Server, entegration with Twitter, Facebook and Google.