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E-commerce has moved on to the next generation. It's not a mere website where consumers can buy a product or a service. They expect more than that from your e-commerce website. They expect the inventory on the site to reflect the real-time inventory in your warehouse. They also want to make sure that the warehouse acknowledges their order and ships it the same day. In order to have a well oiled e-Commerce machine, you will need the necessary software and connections to work well.
The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey
The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey
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The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is the state’s largest institution dedicated exclusively to viewing, making and learning about contemporary art. The art center accepts registrations and payments for the above classes and workshops, as well as membership signups and renewals on the center’s website. The art center processes close to 50 transactions a day. It was becoming an uphill task to download transactions from the web store and import them into QuickBooks every day. It was manual, prone to error, mundane and unnecessary. They needed a better way.


  • Yoodle created an XML based .NET application that worked as the bridge between QuickBooks and the art center’s Kentico based storefront.

  • Solution featured a simple, one-time configuration for online orders to be downloaded to QuickBooks.



  • With the Yoodle solution, it is now simpler than ever for the accounting team to post online orders to QuickBooks with the push of a button.

  • Automatically create the customer in QuickBooks, if they doe not exist already.

  • Saving of 3-4 hours per day by removing need for manual entry into QuickBooks.



Kentico CMS, XML, MS SQL Server, QuickBooks, C#.NET, ASP.NET