Interactive Strategy

You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, would you?

So, why would you build a website without conducting a strategy session, first?

We will work with you to develop a thorough approach to designing and building your site. Our strategy sessions take everything into consideration from the current state of your site (if you have one), to the hierarchy and architecture behind the site's content in order to ensure maximum user fluidity and ease.

What kind of content does your target audience want to see? What will inspire them to share, and more importantly, act? We’ll work together to develop a content strategy approach that promotes engagement and interaction.

Here are a few of the many insights you'll gain from our website strategy engagement sessions:
  • Current website analytics data review
  • Buyer profiling and key visitor tasks identification
  • New website architecture development
  • Content strategy integration
  • Success metrics identification and conversion path mapping
  • Identify and determine free vs. “gated” content
  • Website wireframing and recommendations for design and content layout
  • Search engine optimization & PPC strategy, landing page optimization
  • Social media tools integration strategy
  • Recommendations for analytics setup (conversion tracking, custom reporting, etc.)