Website Design

The design of your site is what visitors first notice. How is the content laid out? Does the color scheme work well, and is it consistently incorporated throughout the site? Are there social media buttons prominently displayed? Do you have an e-mail subscription opt-in form? 

Before we program or develop anything, we look to design the  site to guide us and make sure what you want is what you get--on all levels. 

Here are some questions we take into consideration as we begin the design process:

Goal setting
What are your wants, needs and pain points?

We look at what you already have, from all angles. That way, we’re working with real data that will guide us in our strategy and design sessions.

Customer Profiles
What kind of buzz is there surrounding your brand or company? What are your customers saying about you? Let’s listen in and gain insight.

Content Planning
It’s in this phase of the process we introduce you to our secret weapon: DivvyHQ, our editorial planning application. This customizable application does the heavy lifting of planning specific content for each person, due dates and organizing where you plan to publish content.

Creative Execution
Putting pencils to paper. After our thorough analysis of what you have and where you’re going, we start the creative production process. It’s here that we turn weeks of research into reality; a sleek, fully functional website that makes you and your brand look not just good, but great.

Yoodle has the design team with the right blend of creative talent and user interface knowledge to design your next generation website.